Planning commencing for new education precinct in Melton

August, 2016

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently been awarded the planning and design of the modernisation of Melton Specialist School and Melton Secondary College.

The two schools are co-located on a site at Coburns Road in Melton. The existing Melton Secondary College was built during the 1960s in the courtyard configuration that was popular at the time. The Melton Specialist School is currently comprised entirely of relocatable classrooms.

The site is also home to the ClarkeHopkinsClarke designed, Melton Western Edge Cluster Trade Training Centre (image opposite), which opened in 2014 and provides Vocational Education and Training programs in Hairdressing to students from eight secondary schools throughout the region. 

The early stages of the project will focus on the masterplanning of both schools individually, but will also look at the precinct holistically, considering the immense scope to create an attractive, cohesive and inclusive education precinct in which students of all abilities are able to learn within a 21st century learning environment. Approved State Government funding for the project will also deliver the significant modernisation of the Melton Specialist School.