Clarkehopkinsclarke Interview Clarkehopkinsclarke Interview - June 28, 2019

UrbanTV: The future of mixed-use precinct design in Australia

With the rise in placemaking, community-focused design and a goal to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it's no surprise mixed-use precincts are showing a substantial growth across Australia. ClarkeHopkinsClarke partner Jordan Curran had a chat to Urban journalist Olivia Round about the future of mixed-use precinct design here in Australia. Curran focuses primarily on the shifting design of retail stores following the rise of online shopping, the desire for connection which comes with community living and how giving the next generation the right skills and confidence, they too will be able to shape the future of Australia's built environment. 

Cover image credit: Penny Lane, Giancorp

Interviewee: Jordan Curran, ClarkeHopkinsClarke partner based in Sydney

Interviewer: Olivia Round

Filming: Alex Zemtsov


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June, 2019