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This is Not Business as Usual - #climatestrike

Here's why we are supporting the Global Climate Strike

The global climate strike is happening Friday 20 September, three days before the UN Climate Action summit.

Millions of school children around the world are calling on adults to join them in the streets and send a message to governments - now is the time for urgent and meaningful climate action.

The bigger the turnout, the stronger the pressure on the government.

On September 20, ClarkeHopkinsClarke will be joining students and our business peers in the Treasury Gardens to demand action. 

"We design to change the world, one project at a time. We use our expertise as architects, interior designers and urban designers to build environments that meet communities’ needs today and seize opportunities to positively impact tomorrow."

Although it is not up to the private sector to fix climate change, we can lend our voices and support to those who are delivering this powerful message. We welcome you to join us!


September, 2019