Ana Mendoza

Senior Project Leader

BArch, MSustainable Design

“I’m passionate about seeing the evolution of a project from a design idea to a spatial experience that’s meaningful to users and makes clients proud.”

Ana is a Senior Project Leader and accomplished all-rounder with more than 15 years’ experience in commercial architecture and interior design projects spanning mixed-use, retail, hospitality, industrial, commercial and workplace projects.

Versatile, analytical and holistic in approach, she leads projects from concept to delivery. Her expertise in upgrading and repurposing existing structures makes her a strong advocate for inventive, sustainable design solutions. She’s acutely aware of the impact design decisions have on the environment, the community and the client, and uses her technical expertise, business acumen and critical thinking to create positive outcomes for all three – ideally in the simplest, most economical way possible.

Ana has honed her formidable skills as an architect and interior designer on complex projects of different scales across Australia and Venezuela. She led Hames Sharley’s Melbourne Interiors team and worked with leadership on everything from tenders to studio management and financial reporting. In Venezuela she gained client-side experience as a corporate architect, and ran a small design practice whose high-profile clients included financial institutions, major design firms and car manufacturers Renault and Volkswagon.

At CHC Ana is highly regarded for her exemplar project management, decisive problem-solving, open communication, strong relationships, constant learning, and collaborative, hands-on approach. She’s part of our Standards Committee and a Revit maestro who harnesses its capabilities to make daily task ever more efficient, accurate and reliable. She was a lecturer at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, research assistant at UniSA, and sponsored participant in the Property Council’s 500 Women in Property program.