Ben Poh

Architect, RAIA

MArch, BEnv (MELB)

“When I design a dwelling, I try to imagine how I’d want to live in it. I ask what I’d need of this space and design for enjoyment and comfort.”

Ben’s an experienced project architect and willing mentor on our multi-residential team. He leads varied residential, mixed use and commercial projects from concept and town planning through to design development and completion. His broad experience and approachability make him a natural sounding-board for colleagues looking for nuanced advice on things like apartment guidelines and standards.

Ben’s empathetic, analytical and flexible. His designs strike a balance between the yield clients are looking for and the comfort occupants crave. Affordability and liveability matter to Ben. He avoids cookie-cutter approaches and pricing buyers out of the market with excessively large homes that cost more and don’t actually function optimally. Clever spatial planning is a specialty. Ben thinks laterally and works hard to create the scale, layout and flow that makes each residence feel just right.

He grew up surrounded by designers. Ben’s dad supplied textiles, window coverings and carpets to the interior design industry. As a kid Ben loved tagging along with him, getting to know designers and watching them at work. Years later he did an internship at an interior design practice and discovered half the staff were architects. Their career flexibility and macro focus appealed immediately.

He’s found his niche in residential design. Ben’s as excited as ever by the chance to plan and program a conceptual box into a beautifully functioning residence or mixed use development. Creative problem solving is a huge part of the fun. Ben takes momentary obstacles in his stride, and genuinely enjoys the process of finding the best way forward for all concerned.

Selected Work

Chc Cowperresidences 10 Chc Cowperresidences 10

Cowper Residences

We embraced local character and scale to enhance liveability, workability and walkability with a mix of residential precincts linked by landscaped gardens, lanes, commercial tenancies and communal space.

Chc Hampstead Maidstone 05 Chc Hampstead Maidstone 05

Hampstead Park

The development aims to set a new benchmark for mixed-use developments by increasing population density without overloading current infrastructure.