Bill Barakia

Associate, RAIA

BArch&Design (RMIT), DipVisArts (RMIT)


It’s the architect’s duty to push the ideals of today, steer away from the norm, and impact the youngest minds right through to the oldest.

Bill’s made quite an impact since joining us in 2018. A team leader in Retail/Mixed Use, he’s an outstanding mentor and project lead. He has the knack of developing people and places simultaneously, and he heads some of our most exciting and innovative commercial and mixed use projects from initial concept through to completion.

He’s an experienced architect, gifted artist and great listener. Bill’s been fascinated by how built form is constructed since childhood, when family trips to the city from the ‘burbs got him wondering whether all those towering forms came from aliens. In high school his perspective drawings of imaginary buildings had the whole class huddling around asking questions. Things aren’t so different now: in the studio and in client meetings he draws as he listens, asking questions, testing assumptions and capturing design discussions on the spot in ways everyone can see, feel and understand. It’s a mesmerising way to communicate and get people on the same page.

Bill delivers projects and nurtures teams with care and attention to detail. Vision, constructability and quality documentation are paramount. He spends as much time as possible on-site and ensures our younger designers do too, developing their skills and knowledge in-situ and showing precisely how their animations, sketches and documentation help builders and contractors create a project’s skeleton, flesh and skin. He thrives on the collaboration between architects and communities at the heart of great sustainable design. He’s motivated by the way people are drawn to the amenities architects create and, over time, help shape their communities through their own ideas and engagement.