Cath Muhlebach

Senior Associate, RAIA

BPD, BArch (Hons) MELB, RAIA

I like going on a journey with people to work out how to accommodate whatever it is they really need in the best way possible.

Hospitals are hierarchical places. Hectic. Reactive. Cath’s a calm, measured, attentive stakeholder engagement specialist. She takes the time to listen carefully to the diverse groups involved in every project, from small community health facilities to complex ward refurbishments. She’s organised, efficient and focused. She keeps everyone on track – patients, families, executives and clinicians – as they tease out their vastly different perspectives and needs.

Cath works closely with our in-house Clinical Health Planner to help stakeholders move beyond shopping lists of demands and find each project’s imperatives. Cath’s a people person with an uncanny recall for rolling conversations. She listens, agenda-free, to find out what people are really trying to achieve. Her openness encourages everyone to drop their guard, question their assumptions and create the most effective, adaptive systems and spaces possible.

Cath keeps communication flowing from beginning to end. She’s our compass, pushing our design teams to keep listening to clients, responding to briefs and developing budgets strategically to create the biggest possible impact. She has served on boards and committees and knows how hard fundraising is. How much pressure clients are under to get things right.

Mental health projects are a specialty. Helping people in crisis is challenging technically and personally, but Cath understands the impact of well-designed environments in supporting recovery while reducing aggression, risk and length of stay.

Cath set up CHC’s mentoring program. When she joined the practice it was relatively small, and she found guidance in daily interaction with the CHC Partners. As an Associate she’s creating new avenues to grow in-house talent in today’s much larger practice.

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