Courtney Smith

Operations Manager

Dip. Event Management, Dip. Business Management


“My role involves an equal balance of strategy and operation. They go hand in hand. To deliver strategy you have to understand how it works on the floor.”

Courtney is the strategic, energetic, empathetic conductor of the complex orchestra that is ClarkeHopkinsClarke. As Practice Operations Manager she oversees the daily running of the company and keeps us moving towards our immediate and long term goals. She loves the variety of each day and working with others to join the dots between where we are and where we want to be.

Courtney acts as EA to Partner Dean Landy and oversees Business Support, responsible for finance, HR, marketing, fees and submissions, executive support and reception. She’s a keen listener, skilled interpreter of peoples’ needs, frustrations and aspirations, and shrewd negotiator.

Before joining the practice in 2011 Courtney worked in event management. It shows. She’s the calm, tenacious, imaginative fixer working hard behind the scenes to interpret and deliver our collective vision and goals. She doesn’t crave the limelight, and understands the value of making things happen. 

ClarkeHopkinsClarke was a quarter of its current size when Courtney started as receptionist. Encouragement from founding partner Les Clarke to step up into new territory had a massive impact. She found her niche in strategic, forward-focussed roles and feels lucky to like, respect and trust the partners she works for.

Volunteer work with Dean Landy’s One Heart Foundation has changed her thinking profoundly. As Operations Manager Courtney organises fundraising events like the annual Run From Poverty experience in Kenya and bi-annual Gala Ball. Seeing the impact of One Heart’s hard work and vision has convinced her of the wisdom of connecting with your passions and having a crack.