Hang Jiang

Architectural Graduate

M.Arch (RMIT)

“A phrase written on a column at a building site caught my eye: ‘Everything done with conviction is convincing’. I felt inspired by that. It relates to so many aspects of working here.”

Hang joined ClarkeHopkinsClarke in early 2017 as an architectural graduate with a strong focus on design development. His role has expanded to include contracts and documentation, but as a self-confessed architecture nerd his driving passion is still design. His motivation? Maintaining the authenticity of an idea while bringing it to life in a real world filled with obstacles and constraints.

Observant and analytical, Hang’s strongly engaged with the built environment changing around him. Whether he’s walking past a local building site or exploring design nerd haunts on his travels, Hang regularly brings back strong impressions and fresh ideas to share with his team. He’s drawn to design that expresses individuality and authenticity.

Hang was in primary school when he decided to become an architect (though admittedly he thought that meant cutting red ribbons at grand openings). His dad was a brick mason and, later, a builder who managed construction projects. Hang and his dad lived on-site in temporary dormitories shared with workers and their families, and the industry gradually imprinted itself on his psyche.

His architecture dream eluded him for a while, though. Maths standards are extremely high in China and Hang didn’t get the grades to study architecture there. He tried IT for a year before his parents took pity on him and gave him the opportunity to study in Australia, where he found himself unexpectedly at the top of his maths class!

Hang loves the excitement of learning new skills as a graduate architect. After hours he’s a casual tutor of design students at Melbourne Uni. As someone who thrives on diversity and innovation, he enjoys the opportunity to mentor aspiring designers and constructively critique their fresh ideas.