Janice Tan

Associate, RAIA


“A simple design speaks for itself but it shouldn’t stop at that. It should make a difference. Architects can achieve change with simple solutions.”

Janice is an accomplished all-rounder with a strong commitment to social change through design. As an Associate she’s involved in all aspects of multi-residential projects, from feasibility through to delivery. Janice is considered, poised and articulate. She builds strong relationships with clients, establishing the mutual trust so important to ambitious projects where a degree of experimentation is crucial.

Janice is meticulous and passionate. Time in Asia has left her with a deep admiration for East Asian architecture, especially its ability to innovate while also tapping into a rich vein of history. Growing up in Singapore immersed her in diverse cultures and extraordinary design. Through her father’s involvement in the industry as a structural engineer her parents worked, socialised and holidayed with many architects. Their beautiful homes and adventurous expeditions seemed impossibly glamourous and alluring to her as a child.

She’s still wowed by amazing design, provided it’s also culturally observant and politically responsible. As an architect, she believes it’s her responsibility to use her design expertise, creativity and imagination to create architecture with lasting social impact.

Janice is a former tutor of architecture students, some of whom are now colleagues at ClarkeHopkinsClarke. She finds great satisfaction in offering guidance and opinions that help young designers develop and realise their ideas. She encourages her team to pursue passion projects outside work – as she does – to stay fresh, acquire new skills and tackle problems in new ways.  In a practice that aims to pioneer new thinking, Janice leads by example.

Selected Work