Jennifer Addison

Senior Interior Designer, DIA

B.Design (Hons 1st Class)

“You can’t go wrong with fresh air, sunlight and connection to the outdoors. It’s the simple things that make the biggest impact.”

Jennifer Addison defines good design as design that makes a positive impact on people’s well-being. To Jennifer, good design is simple and efficient, it results in low energy requirements and it creates less waste. It results in spaces that nurture human connections and that are a pleasure to inhabit, visit or work in. 

Jennifer is a senior member of ClarkeHopkinsClarke’s dedicated interior design team. She works in close collaboration with project architects, key stakeholders and specialist consultants to deliver best practice facilities for our health and aged care sector clients. 

Over the past 10 years, Jennifer has worked on major new hospital projects, integrated aged care and retirement communities, schools and hospitality projects. Her diverse expertise translates into a holistic approach that considers the well-being of the end user.

Jennifer understands the nuances of good design. She is not afraid to use colour and texture, but her work has a warmth and subtlety that is driven by the philosophy that experience is more impactful than bold aesthetic statements. As a result, her designs feel authentic and considered, providing ease of use and dignity for people with disabilities, health issues, and aging requirements and effectively support staff to deliver the best service they possibly can. 

Selected Work

The Bays Interior 05 The Bays Interior 05

The Bays Aged Care

The Bays will provide a wider range of living choices for individual seniors and couples. It will provide a premium service that does not currently existing in this area, reducing the distance people need to travel for care or allowing them to stay in the same area as part of their community.

Wattlegrove Chc 01 Wattlegrove Chc 01

Baptcare Wattlegrove

Baptcare’s integrated living community will deliver a wide range of senior living options for truly transgenerational community.

Chc Estiatwinwaters 01 Chc Estiatwinwaters 01

Estia Health, Twin Waters

Our mission was to create a seniors precinct that would be anchored and integrate with the surrounding neighbourhood in a more meaningful way.