Joe Bolger

Senior Project Leader

“I’m driven by the practicalities of getting projects built.”

Joe manages some of our health sector’s biggest and most complex projects and largest teams. He’s knowledgeable, practical and level headed. Genuinely enjoys solving problems, which is handy. Spends his days liaising with clients, answering their questions, anticipating project needs and getting resourcing just right by matching each team members’ skills to upcoming tasks. When he’s not involved in hands-on project delivery Joe liaises closely with our submissions team on tenders and with sector leaders on interviews with prospective clients.

Joe’s detail oriented and technically minded. Clients and builders appreciate his nuts-and-bolts understanding of the construction process and his considered response to queries and problems. He’s amiable, calm and collected. Gets the job done well with minimum fuss and maintains strong, positive relationships with the many teams involved, internally and externally. That means a lot to him. And us.

Health projects are complex by nature. Since 2015 Joe’s worked on more than a dozen at the Alfred Hospital and become adept at staging projects for minimal disruption to daily life for staff and patients. He’s solutions focused and flexible. That’s especially valuable on refurbishments, where design teams work with the idiosyncrasies of existing building fabric. Internally he pushes us towards better processes and technologies that make day-to-day tasks easier.