Jonathan Curran

Associate, RAIA

B.Arch(Hons), Dip.Arch.Tech

"Enabling health providers to deliver exceptional patient care through equally exceptional built environments."

Jonathan Curran is an Associate within the ClarkeHopkinsClarke health team. Over his 16 year architectural career to date, he has been responsible for the design and delivery of a diverse range of projects for some of Victoria’s leading hospitals and health care providers. 

Jonathan is inspired by the continuous innovations to health care technology, care models and facilities and actively pursues opportunities to improve the patient experience through the built environment. 

Heralding from a technical background, Jonathan is renowned for his highly resolved and detailed design work. His understanding of project buildability and design intricacies, in particular, has proven to be a natural fit for the complexities of the health service industry. 

Jonathan is modest, amicable and process-driven. He has a unique ability to connect and guide diverse stakeholder groups through the design and implementation phases to project completion. In his current role as Project Architect, Jonathan provides essential clinical design and documentation leadership. He delivers safe, efficient and functional facilities that translate the client vision into a successful project outcome.

Selected Work