Kai Cheong

Associate, RAIA

MArch, BArch MELB

“I think we offer a deep appreciation of quality design and the impact it has on the end user’s enjoyment of a space.”

Kai is an award-winning project architect who runs multi-residential projects from start to finish, with a particular focus on feasibility studies, design and design development. He worked on bespoke residential projects and major multi-residential developments before joining ClarkeHopkinsClarke in 2017. He feels like he’s found the best of both worlds here: a close-knit team in a large practice undertaking quality placemaking and ever-more ambitious projects across multiple sectors.

Kai is practical, rational and systems orientated. Efficiency is important to him in both design and the design process. He helps clarify briefs and improve processes not for their own sake but so everyone involved has a clear understanding of what is happening and why, every step of the way. He believes good systems and structures lead to design and commercial success.

The design language Kai favours is open, varied and ego-free. He is not interested in pursuing his own architectural agenda but finding distinctive solutions to the particular needs and aspirations of each client and end-user.

Growing up Kai loved maths and science and envisaged a career in commerce or engineering. But he found in architecture a formal, applied approach to creativity that for him combines the best of art and science. He loves architecture’s daily mix of design and management - of projects, teams and clients. He’s a willing mentor to colleagues. Outside ClarkeHopkinsClarke Kai designs his own range of timber furniture.