Kevin Ung

Senior Architect, RAIA


“Design is an evolving process. I’m always questioning and challenging design ideas, down to the small details that can improve design outcomes.”

Kevin is a senior architect with a broad frame of reference and a talent for testing assumptions and creating the kind of considered touches that make big picture thinking functional in practice. He’s adept at delivering projects across all stages, refining design detailing, coordinating consultants, managing contract administration, and communicating openly with clients throughout.

Originally from Sydney, Kevin grew up in Auckland and found in high school design, painting, technical drawing and metalwork classes a knack for making that led him naturally into architecture. Passion for travel has taken Kevin on many international trips and working holidays throughout Asia, Europe and the USA where self-styled architectural tours of Chicago, San Francisco, New York, LA and other diverse cities fired his imagination.

Kevin was an architectural model maker for two years before he gravitated towards residential and multi-residential design early in his career. He’s found joy and satisfaction in educational design over the past five years, knowing his work has a positive influence on young people and their learning. His interest in education is a boon for us in-house, too. Kevin frequently mentors younger team members, who value his empathy and knowledge base.