Millicent Steele

Strategy & Marketing Consultant

“I love working with other creatives to get a better outcome for people and planet on every project. Great marketing and project visioning is about empathy and communicating with the right people at the right moment in the right ways, motivating them to think, feel or do something that really matters.”

Milli brings two decades in development industry (and a lifetime in a family of architects, developers, builders and artists) to her role as head of Strategy & Marketing. Astute, imaginative and purpose-driven, she brings exceptional commercial nous to every element of her varied role.

She leads the team that tells the stories of our practice and projects. Empathetic, insightful and strategic, she communicates our values, impact and sense of purpose to like-minded clients and project partners to win more of the work we love, which cares for Country and strengthens communities. Milli regularly facilitates workshops with our architects and designers, clients, builders, landscape architects and community members to establish a shared vision to guide our projects. She also collaborates with our practice leaders on business development and strategy.

Highly regarded across our practice, Milli thinks big, nails detail, thoroughly understands her craft and our market, and communicates with integrity for maximum impact. A natural mentor and creative teacher, she leads courageously by example, supporting team members to step up and make the kind of impact that’s meaningful to them, professionally and personally.

Mill is motivated to address the social and environmental challenges of our times. She’s excited by the impact of progressive design and communications in areas like diversity, inclusiveness and climate change, and the exponential growth in engagement of ordinary people in extraordinary solutions. She draws inspiration from the world and culture around her, and thrives on creative collaboration, where every person involved brings something unique to the party. Outside of CHC, she is Co-Director of micro branding studio WildLab.