Ngaio Chalmers

Associate, RAIA

BArch (Hons)

"Success is when everyone involved has ownership in the process and a sense of pride in the outcome."

Ngaio's approach is to listen, to be open to consultation and to resist the temptation of pre-conceived ideas and default thinking. She runs down issues quickly, solving problems and keeping details in focus. Ngaio is approachable, professional and clear-headed. Her even temperament is a great fit for large, complex community and town centre projects, which by their very nature involve a diverse range of commercial, community and government stakeholders. 

As a leader, Ngaio typically takes the role of Project Architect and drives a project from its visionary stage right through to completion on-site. Ongoing, she continues to provide support as a project is activated and a community establishes itself. 

Ngaio is a purpose-driven architect. She is compassionate and community-minded, delivering outcomes that surpass the project brief time and again to produce a meaningful and collective benefit. It is her interest in the community development space which has seen her called to lead the design phases of many complex mixed-use and community focused projects. She has also made a significant contribution to the research and development of ClarkeHopkinsClarke’s practical method for ‘Creating Vibrant Communities’, and has contributed to the book of the same name, published by Dean Landy in 2016. 

Over the last 11 years, she has built a diverse background that spans the retail, mixed-use, town centre, multi-residential, education and community sectors. She provides valuable support to the Partners at ClarkeHopkinsClarke and is a respected mentor to the architects, designers, and planners with her team.

Selected Work