Nick Webb

Associate, RAIA

BArch (Hons), MBA

“What motivates me is simply doing a good job – bringing all the different components and consultants together and creating an end result that everyone’s happy with.”

Nick’s a calm, approachable, can-do architect with a decade’s experience spanning independent and retirement living, mixed-use developments, bespoke multi-residential, public housing and re-fits including Melbourne’s iconic Adelphi rooftop pool.

As as Associate he leads teams and projects, planning resources and providing mentoring. Nick’s a delivery and documentation specialist with extraordinary attention to detail and problem-solving capabilities.

He loves nothing better than a crisp, clean set of well-coordinated drawings where every line has purpose. He’s building our rigour in this area via skills workshops for colleagues.

Architecture and construction lured Nick early. As a kid, he loved watching his dad design and construct all sorts of contraptions in his shed. Nick grew into a keen woodworker, and his understanding of buildability informs his work as an architect. In the realm of commercial construction he’d love to see building codes adapt to encourage more widespread use of timber, which he rates highly for its sustainability and tactility.

Nick’s inspired by the ability of beautifully designed buildings and spaces to enhance people’s experiences and interactions. As an architect he’s driven by the satisfaction he feels coordinating the diverse people and elements required for a memorable, successful project.