Richard Lee

Senior Architect, RAIA

Dip. Arch Tech (TU Malaysia) BArch Studies and MArch (UniMelb)

I have a growing interest in architecture as a regenerative, net-positive force.”

Richard is a passionate project architect with an insatiable appetite for the big ideas and rigorous research that underpins the best design. Officially he helps the Retail and Mixed-Use team on diverse projects from concept to delivery. Unofficially he coordinates our in-house research and is a popular speaker on all manner of topics at our in-house presentation nights. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Architecture drew Richard in with its convergence of art and science. What captivates him about a profession he describes as much more than a job are the human stories, cultural influences, histories and nuanced motivations that underpin each and every project. As a designer Richard strives for the simplest form possible to achieve maximum impact. Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington DC is a long-time inspiration for an exquisite simplicity shaped by a profound understanding of the human condition and the systems that hold us in place.

Early experiences as a graduate tested his resolve, but at ClarkeHopkinsClarke he’s found his tribe. Like so many of us, Richard is driven by a strong social conscience. He aims to use the power of architecture to influence social change and improve people’s mental health and wellbeing. He’s fascinated by the way our physical environment affects our neurology and emotions, and sees an important role for biophilic and sustainable design in creating more regenerative communities with a net-positive impact on people and planet.