Thu Le

Senior Architect, RAIA

BArchDesign (Monash), MArch

I design with a holistic view and macro focus in all my projects, even as we're resolving the finer details, as this enhances what we deliver to impact the wider community.

Thu Le brings masterplanning and Mixed-Use experience together with a strong interest in ESD, community impact and wellbeing to her role as a team leader in our Health sector. She’s a great communicator, extremely organised, and adept at balancing macro and micro.

Thu helps teams set priorities and deadlines, communicate transparently and push for innovation. She gets great satisfaction keeping projects moving through careful pre-planning and timely liaison. Colleagues, clients and consultants say she considers everyone's strengths, makes sure they know what they need to be doing and feels valued for their contribution.

Thu’s background in Mixed-Use masterplanning and neighbourhood activity centres means she never loses sight of the community impact of health design projects, even as she’s working through micro detailing. She’s a passionate advocate for innovative design that improves wellbeing and is especially excited by the benefits to people and planet of progressive ESD that considers impact over the entire life-cycle of a building.

Hands-on and practical, Thu has been involved in many design-build volunteer projects throughout her career, including building an eco-bungalow as a social enterprise for a village in Laos.