Tim Hargreaves


MArch MELB, B.Env

God is in the details, right? It's having a commitment to big design thinking and all those little opportunities that can so easily get lost along the way.”

Tim is that rare combination of a big picture thinker who is equally passionate about technical detail. He leads project teams through every phase of complex design outcomes, from inception to completion. He works closely with our Urban Design Partner on the front-end delivery phase, in particular, delivering the technical requirements that underpin the best outcomes. Tim is committed to spotting and capitalising on every opportunity a site has to offer.

He wins clients’ confidence with considered solutions and rich discussions about underlying vision and rationale. Telling the story behind ClarkeHopkinsClarke’s ambitious projects and its distinctive approach to creating vibrant communities is central to his belief. He paints a vivid picture for clients, explaining the ‘why’ behind every design opportunity and recommendation we make.

Tim grew up in the country and worked in structural engineering before pursuing architecture and urban design. Several years in London delivering major international projects exposed him early to the challenges of complex outcomes. Tim’s technical prowess, speed and responsiveness had him successfully delivering some of our largest mixed-use precincts soon after joining ClarkeHopkinsClarke.

Tim’s passionate about education and change. He’s not afraid to question assumptions or play the provocateur in order to arrive at the best possible design solution. He believes the world can be a better place through considered urban interventions. He’s in the right place at ClarkeHopkinsClarke. He’s seen our strategy for creating vibrant communities challenge ideas and deliver better outcomes again and again. He’s convinced we are leading the way in our industry.

Selected Work

Chc Polaristowncentre 03 Chc Polaristowncentre 03

Polaris Town Centre

From the outset, the vision for Polaris was to create a vibrant, walkable urban village that challenged the idea of the typical suburban neighbourhood shopping centre.

Chc Shoppingonclyde 03 2 Chc Shoppingonclyde 03 2

Shopping on Clyde

Shopping on Clyde was designed to create a premium shopping destination for the local community that celebrates both the history and future growth of the local region, provides a welcoming and safe environment for visitors to connect and shop

Chc Sohovillage Screenshot 01 Chc Sohovillage Screenshot 01

Soho Village

Soho Village is a paradigm-shifting urban development embedded within a traditional sprawling growth area neighbourhood context. It is a cohesive, walkable and socially connected response to the urban context, that provides a strong sense of place and ‘community’.

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