Tina Huynh

Associate, RAIA

BArch (UniMelb), MArch

"It’s important to nurture a wide variety of interests because ideas and inspiration can spring from the most unexpected sources."

Tina’s a Senior Architect with broad creative interests, impeccable design sense, a decade’s experience at the forefront of educational design, and an ability to mentor and inspire colleagues that seems natural and effortless.

Tina’s an experienced project leader with broad educational design and documentation expertise and a thirst for knowledge that evolves her skills and ideas constantly. She has managed some very high profile, big budget projects and says she’s found at CHC more fun, teamwork and support than she’s experienced anywhere else.

In a sector where lifelong learning and innovation are highly valued, she’s always on the lookout for fresh inspiration – everywhere from international design movements to local site visits. A keen eye helps her define what’s truly unique about every client’s approach to teaching and learning and express it through built form.

Tina sees architecture at the nexus of art, design and construction. She finds educational design so rewarding because of its pivotal role in the formative years of learners and their families and educators. She considers it a privilege to be part of the collaboration at the heart of the best learning environments and manages to balance complex functional aspects with architecture that inspires.

Selected Work

Chc Coatesville Primary School Redevelopment 06 Chc Coatesville Primary School Redevelopment 06

Coatesville Primary School

The design of the new Junior Learning Centre provides agile learning environments that support a range of teaching modalities including individual, small group, seminar and collaborative work, outdoor learning as well as incorporating a dedicated resource area.

Chc Bridgewood Primary School 01 Chc Bridgewood Primary School 01

Bridgewood Primary School

Taking a strong community focus, the school provides an integrated maternal child health centre and early learning facility.