Vitto Andreas

Architect, RAIA

BA Environments, MArch (UniMelb)

I always consider, `Who is in this room? Whose voices are heard? Whose voices are missing?

As a project architect in our Seniors Living & Care team, Vitto is responsible for leading projects, spatial & façade design, liaising with clients, coordinating consultants and managing contract administration and reporting.

Positive, calm and meticulous, his well-rounded skillset spans design, drawing review, communication, coordination and project management. He brings to his role in Seniors Living & Care several years` experience in multi-residential design, 3D visualising and education, and broad architectural interests from inclusive design to set design. Vitto`s colleagues and clients appreciate his approachability and the way he manages to keep teams and projects on track with a lightness and positivity that motivates and elevates all involved.

He was drawn to our Seniors team by the chance to work on projects that place users at their core, and promote inclusivity, individuality, and interaction with their surroundings. Vitto encourages project teams to consider how spaces can make specific groups feel seen, safe and appreciated. He’s motivated by clients keen to create not only profits but great assets for their community.