Wayne Stephens

Partner, RAIA


"Through design, we can transform learning environments to ensure that every child is in a space that just 'gets them’."

Wayne Stephens is one of Victoria’s most celebrated architects of contemporary educational facilities. He approaches his work with the belief that schools are the modern day community hubs, that learning environments must be accessible, equitable and learner-centred, and that the built environment has the ability to shape the experiences of every learners.

Over the past two decades, Wayne has been responsible for the masterplanning and design of a diverse range of education projects within Melbourne, across regional Victoria as well as in New Zealand. His expertise ranges from new schools and multi-campus redevelopments to expansion and refurbishment projects, as well as the creation of key community infrastructure. 

Wayne is at the forefront of a progressive global movement that puts the learner at the heart of any school. Through design, he is transforming learning environments that ensure every child is in an environment that ‘gets them’. The physical environment is designed around the learners' needs; understanding the learner in a school is a far greater need than purely focusing on the aesthetics. As a Partner at ClarkeHopkinsClarke for over 11 years, Wayne has nurtured and led a dedicated team of architects, designers and planners under the practice’s core mission of ‘Creating Vibrant Communities’. During this time they have been recognised with over 40 industry awards for excellence.

Selected Work

Carnegieprimaryschool01 Carnegieprimaryschool01

Carnegie Primary School

How does a 21st century school modernise a campus established in 1888 to create an inclusive, motivating, contemporary learning environment with strong community ties?

Chc Ringwood Secondary 04 Chc Ringwood Secondary 04

Ringwood Secondary College

The new Junior School at Ringwood Secondary College replaced a series of existing relocatable buildings with a purpose-built home for the Year 7 & 8 student cohort, to support them in their transition through the middle school years.

Chc Ppp Video 01 Chc Ppp Video 01

Victorian New Schools PPP

The schools also feature a clear emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, ensuring equitable access for all abilities.

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