Clare Kwok


Clare Kwok has joined a new wave of female leaders emerging within Australia’s architectural industry. She plays a pivotal leadership role within ClarkeHopkinsClarke’s multi-residential and mixed-use teams and has been a mentor, both formally and informally, for many student and graduate architects.

Over the past decade, Clare has been responsible for the design and delivery of a diverse range of retail, commercial and multi-residential projects across Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Clare’s efforts to prove in practice that good design does not need to cost more has held her in high esteem within the development industry. She has a thorough understanding of the design and construction process and works in close collaboration with builders, consultants and clients to see a project’s vision become a reality.

Clare is particularly passionate about enhancing physical and social connections through the built environment and in producing projects which create shared value for clients and end uses alike.

Always one step ahead, Clare is highly motivated and does not shy away from challenges. She is also patient, proactive and positive, easily approachable and always dependable, setting benchmarks for both capability and leadership. As a Senior Associate, Clare manages resources, workloads and programs within the practice’s multi-residential team and has spearheaded initiatives that improve the quality of our service and output.

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