Teddy Chung

BPD B.Arch (Hons) MELB

Architect since 2002

In the retail sector, there are few more passionate and knowledgeable than Teddy Chung. He makes it his business to understand each client’s commercial imperatives and then focuses on proactively adding value to every project.

Teddy genuinely approaches challenges as opportunities. He is particularly skilled at distilling a complex set of parameters into a singular vision and then translating it in simple terms. This is of particular importance for the masterplanning of town centres and large mixed-use projects, which require in-depth consultation and communication with a wide range of stakeholders, including members of the local community, councils, government bodies and project partners.

Teddy has been a key member of the ClarkeHopkinsClarke team for over 15 years. He is a mentor, a leader and a coach within the business and is particularly revered for his unparalleled technical skills. He leads our documentation team in the production of contract documentation for many of our major projects and was responsible for the development of the ClarkeHopkinsClarke CAD infrastructure.

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