ClarkeHopkinsClarke understands the challenges and opportunities that our clients face throughout the design and planning process. Specialist knowledge in the education, health, aged care, multi-residential, retail, commercial and mixed use sectors underpins our practice.

We utilise a holistic approach that goes beyond the site, program and form to carefully consider the wider economic, cultural, environmental, and community context of each project. This enables us to maximise the value we can provide to clients and stakeholders, and to deliver design solutions that make a positive contribution to the built environment.

The design and construction process is not without challenges. We meet these with an attitude of proactive communication and problem solving. It is this approach that allows us to consistently deliver on our clients’ program and budget expectations.

Our projects involve the convergence of the following areas of expertise:



With 50 plus years’ experience in creating architectural solutions across diverse sectors, ClarkeHopkinsClarke has developed a strong reputation for providing outstanding architectural services. The combined experience and skills of our highly qualified staff, as well as our extensive knowledge of technical requirements and design trends across a variety of building types, are critical to the value that we provide.

Interior Design

Interior Design at ClarkeHopkinsClarke is seamlessly integrated into the architectural design process. Our interior design team is committed to translating our clients’ vision into well-articulated and dynamic interior spaces that provide a supportive, engaging, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all users.

Urban Design

ClarkeHopkinsClarke is experienced in the planning of diverse urban development projects that consistently deliver innovative, commercially successful and community enhancing urban design outcomes. We bring a range of expertise to our urban design projects, including in depth experience of multi-residential and retail planning, knowledge of planning legislation and the planning policies of various municipalities, and an ability to effectively engage with the community, subconsultants and authorities to ensure consistently high quality outcomes.