Bankvale Run

Destination restaurant on a working cattle farm

Location: Bunurong Country, 2335 Mickleham Road, Mickleham
Status: Complete

Australian Interior Design Awards - Shortlisted 2019 - Hospitality Design

Interior Design Excellence Awards - Shortlisted 2019 - Hospitality Category

Bankvale Run is a destination restaurant on a working cattle farm and winery. It sets the tone for the ambitious redevelopment of Mickelham’s Marnong Estate Farm into a showcase of Victorian food culture. Natural materials, intimate zoning and views worth lingering for create a welcoming ‘local’ with high-end appeal.

The 510-square-metre space is zoned for private, formal and general dining using an earthy palette inspired by surrounding farmland and vineyard. Timber battens on walls and ceilings link interior and exterior and inject warmth and intimacy.

Private dining is cleverly carved out using dark, moody walls and finishes, an enticing open fireplace topped with a screen of logs salvaged on site, and bespoke storage creating a wall of wine.

We approached the ambitious brief like winemakers, expressing the distinctive terroir of Marnong Estate with refined, earthy materiality embodying the farmland.
Emma Frederick
Senior Interior Designer