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Beaumaris Secondary College

Partnerships unlock mutual benefits to school and community


The new Beaumaris Secondary College was developed on the site of the old Sandringham College Beaumaris Campus, via a unique partnership between the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) and Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC). Our objective was to provide a dynamic 21st Century learning environment that redefines and celebrates the essence of education on the site and provides integral connections to the local context and community.

“The spaces created here at Beaumaris Secondary College allow our students a great sense of fluidity and comfort. Students love navigating the different spaces, and allowing themselves to figure out the best way to use the spaces for their learning. Sometimes they sit in nooks, on stools, stand, sit on the floor, however they are comfortable. It gives our students such a great ability to choose how they physically learn best, and the learning spaces wholeheartedly support this."

Creative Arts Teacher, Beaumaris Secondary College 


We created a new 3 level Learning Hub that occupies the most prominent corner of the site providing a strong civic presence while prioritising open space, recreation, and environmental/outdoor learning opportunities for shared school and community benefit.

The multi-level Learning Hub, provides a welcoming entry to the school, incorporating a double height administration and resource centre, together with specialist facilities at ground level, and general learning spaces over levels 1 and 2 that feature vertical connections and activation, supporting the development of a strong community of learners.

Designed for shared school and community use, the adjacent single-storey Activity Centre comprises a Games Hall, Canteen, Performance Centre with tiered seating and outdoor stage, and Food Technology learning space and servery, with connections to the main learning building via a central plaza.

Extensive state-of-the-art recreational facilities include two specialist high performance ovals for cricket, AFL and AFLW, a multi-purpose pitch incorporating a FIFA Grade 1 soccer pitch, and a Sports Pavilion with change rooms and gathering spaces, designed to be utilised by the school during school hours and local community sporting groups after hours and on weekends.
The new school provides a dynamic, multi-dimensional hub of learning and community connection, intrinsically linked with the natural environment and local neighbourhood.

“Here’s a way to combine what the organised, amateur sporting community needs on weekends with what the school needs during the week. It beautifully brings them together…Perfect!”

Steve Gough, CEO, Melbourne Cricket Club


The design of Beaumaris Secondary College provides flexible learning environments that promote curiosity and freedom to engage in various ways that suit individual students, as well as encouraging collaboration and empowering students to be active participants in the learning process.

One of the teachers describes the learning spaces as an ‘array of interlocking and overlapping spaces where function is implied rather than prescribed.’ The design allows teachers to move through the spaces throughout the day, utilising the area’s most conducive to the varied learning needs of their students. The ground level specialist learning zone incorporates science, art, design and technology, providing spaces for inter-disciplinary and collaborative project work, and allowing easy movement between theoretical and practical activities during a single teaching session.
Designed to provide a welcoming civic presence and to promote community involvement and engagement, the school has become a focal point for the local community to gather and connect. The planning of the campus provides easy out of hours community access to a range of shared use facilities for community hire, including a competition size netball and basketball court with spectator seating, drama theatre, and food technology space, as well as providing a home base for local sporting clubs with the shared use of 2 ovals and a multipurpose pitch.

“I enjoy the flexibility that is provided in this space - it enables me to direct the teaching and learning in various ways, easily shifting between theoretical and practical tasks, supported by the building’s aesthetic, structure and layout.”

Performing Arts Teacher, Beaumaris Secondary College


117-136 Reserve Road, Beaumaris VIC



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Simon is part of an expert research panel, led by The University of Melbourne’s Dr. Ben Cleveland, for the research project which explores the idea of schools being used as community hubs and utilising them beyond the hours of 9.00am to 3.30pm.

In an increasingly networked society and business world, successful and innovative developments are more often borne out of collaboration and partnerships than they are from keeping all of your cards close to your chest.