Canterbury Road, Place of Worship

Location: Canterbury Road
Status: In Planning

The Canterbury Road Place of Worship presents contemporary architecture and design interwoven with cultural architectural language and form. It provides an inspiring place for the Blackburn community to connect and celebrate their faith. The building has been carefully sculptured to integrate with its surroundings. Its form is in parts robust and defined, characterised by strong shapes with concrete construction. It is also delicate and beautiful, wrapped by intricate golden coloured screening that catches and throws the sun in shifting abstract patterns across the floors.

Internally the expression of cultural language is continued through the same patterned screening that we see on the exteriors at a reduction in scale in the main open stairwell, balustrades and prayer hall. A calming contemporary feel is articulated within the interior spaces through a grounding palette of materials; woven carpet, natural stones and textured walls with considered timber and antiqued brass detailing in tactile elements such as handrails, balustrade and fixtures.