Castle Towers

A suburban shopping centre transformed into a diverse mixed-use precinct

Location: Bidjigal Country, 6-14 Castle St, Castle Hill, NSW
Status: In Planning

The Castle Towers precinct is undergoing a process of transformation whereby a typical suburban shopping centre will be developed into a vibrant mixed-use town centre, delivering a variety of uses including commercial, retail, diverse housing opportunities and community infrastructure.

We are reviewing the current masterplan and designing future stages that will create a harmonization between the existing shopping centre, residential community and heritage buildings as well as the new food and beverage, residential and commercial precincts.

The masterplan envisions a diverse mixed-use urban community organised around a large public park that will be at the civic heart. Open public space and new street networks will stitch into the existing context promoting a more walkable environment and connecting places for people to engage, interact and socialise.