Chc Polaris Stage 3 Townhouses 3 Chc Polaris Stage 3 Townhouses 3
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Eclipse Townhouses

Final stage knits together precinct's aesthetic and demographic diversity


The final stage of ten townhouses to be released within Bundoora's 'Star of the North' mixed-use development Polaris, needed to deliver more than the provision of comfortable homes. The final built outcome had to bridge the architectural language between the adjoining stage of modern townhouses and neighbouring heritage apartment buildings, it had to appeal to an increasingly mixed demographic and also be designed in a way that would enable the retention of all heritage trees along the street frontage during the construction process.


Architectural character objectives for the wider Polaris development focused on creating an inherent diversity in styles. A blend of heritage, non-heritage and contemporary forms enhanced the development’s aesthetic diversity. Form and materiality, therefore, played an important role in linking the 10 Eclipse Townhouses with the adjoining stages of differing vernacular. 

Light brickwork grounds the architecture, highlights entry points and echoes the language of the surrounding heritage buildings in a contemporary way. Warm timber textures, muted natural tones and undulating rooflines reflect the features of traditional homes and echo the colours of the precincts iconic gumtrees and parkland. Inside, each residence continues this theming through high-quality finishes in soft grey tones, speckled textures and warm timber highlights.


The Eclipse Townhouses provides the final piece of the puzzle for the greater Polaris development. Increasingly Polaris was attracting young families and downsizers from the local area and beyond. Both demographic groups enjoy different lifestyles but equally value space, safety and connection to community and services. Eclipse was all about finding the balance between aspirational and attainable, with the collection prioritising timeless, lasting design. 


60 Nova Circuit, Bundoora VIC


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