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Hampstead Park

A vibrant place to live, work and play

The vision for this new masterplanned mixed use precinct in Maidstone is to create a unique mixed use urban precinct that provides a vibrant place to live, work and play. 

Based on the four key principles of Community, Integration, Identity and Sustainability, the design will aspire to create a modern and vibrant community, that integrates within the existing context of the site, has a strong sense of identity, and shapes a socially and environmentally sustainable environment. 

The development aims to set a new benchmark for mixed-use developments by increasing population density without overloading current infrastructure.

Made up of a wide mix of dwelling types, Hampstead Park incorporates 450 one, two, & three-bedroom apartments, as well as 150 four-bedroom townhouses, constructed around a central communal park. 

The village features a supermarket and specialty retail and dining tenancies. A community centre, medical centre, gym, and child care centre will support the local population and complement the retail offerings provided by the established activity centre nearby. 

The new development will also feature a central park and plaza and a community park, and create an intimate streetscape network with a strong pedestrian focus, shaping a unique sense of place for the local community.


82-96 Hampstead Road, Maidstone VIC


Under Construction

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