Minta City

New city to bring 11,000 jobs to Berwick

Location: Bunurong Country, Soldiers Rd, Berwick VIC
Status: In Planning

We’re transforming the long held, 285-hectare Minta Farm in Berwick into a next-generation employment hub integrating diverse housing for 5000 and inner urban-style amenity. Working in conjunction with a team of design experts, the proposed masterplan also protects natural vistas, waterways, heritage sites and biodiverse habitats that are cherished by locals.

Minta celebrates its natural heritage. It preserves views to the Dandenong Ranges and protects heritage sites of Aboriginal cultural significance. And it celebrates the biodiversity of its own ‘Yarra’: the Cardinia Creek conservation zone, home to cherished populations including migratory water birds and the endangered Growling Grass Frog.

Minta City champions a fresh approach to growth corridor masterplanning. It prioritises local employment and combines commercial, retail and innovation space with high-, medium- and low-density housing and the sort of community facilities, walkability and public transport we love about our inner suburbs. It creates an environment that attracts not only residents but employers too.

If you need jobs you need office buildings. But you’re not going to get office buildings unless you’ve got the elements that create liveable communities – arts and culture, restaurants, sporting facilities and all those other pieces that make it a vibrant place to be.
Dean Landy
Partner | Architect