Tallangatta Revitalisation

Developing 'Tallangatta Tomorrow' a regional revitalisation strategy

Location: Tallangatta VIC
Status: Complete

As part of the Tallangatta Revitalisation Strategy, Towong Shire Council appointed us to work with the local community to develop a strategy, ‘Tallangatta Tomorrow’, to help Tallangatta become a thriving town. Extensive consultation including workshops, focus groups and surveys obtained the various views of the community and wider surroundings on the revitalisation of Tallangatta. Over 450 ideas were received helping identify a strategy and allowing the consultants and the council an understanding of the hopes and the concerns of the community.

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In response to the outcomes of the community consultation, the strategy including masterplan, focused on the six key areas of housing; tourism; streets, triangles and public open spaces; Lake Hume and the Foreshore Reserve; and Community Facilities and Services.

These six areas helped shape the strategy and deliver shovel ready projects, including the Rowen Park Sports Pavilion, the Tallangatta Community & Integrated Services Hub, and the Sandy Creek Rail Bridge.

The Rowen Park Sports Pavilion has provided a new community and recreation facility that has increased levels of community participation and played a vital role in bringing the community together to support their clubs, get active and feel part of their communities. The facility provides change rooms for football, cricket, netball and swimming club usage, and spaces for social gatherings.

“Each week sport plays a vital role in bringing locals together to support their clubs, get active, and feel part of their communities, especially in regional Victoria.”
Mr Bill Tilley
Member for Benambra

The Sandy Creek Rail Bridge Project, spanning Lake Hume (9km west of Tallangatta) has attracted tourism to the area by utilising the historic rail bridge pylons, providing an iconic rail trail bike link between Wodonga and Tallangatta, celebrating the region’s history and vibrant future.