Park Village Highett

Connecting the community with a rejuvenated urban and eco-living focused residential village.

Location: Bunurong Country, Highett VIC
Status: Town Planning

A new residential community located 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD has been designed as a series of distinct yet interacting precincts. It caters to the needs of diverse lifestyles and household types, and will be home to a vibrant, multi-generational community.

As a village, it is walkable and connected. Common and public spaces between the built form provide opportunities to connect with neighbours and enjoy a sense of home beyond individual residences.

"We know that people are happier and healthier when they are connected with other people and with nature. The urban design and architecture for this project takes the idea of A Stroll Through the Village, as a basis for creating a unique and vibrant sense of place, where people connect and enjoy daily village life."
Toby Lauchlan
Partner | Architect