Woolworths Ramsgate

A walkable, pedestrian focused urban space.

Location: Dharug Tharawal Country, Ramsgate NSW
Status: In Planning

The Woolworths Ramsgate redevelopment aims to transform the existing site into a dynamic ‘Local Centre’ through the implementation of a high-quality mixed-use development. The project focuses on creating a vibrant urban space that not only complements the existing fabric of the town but also elevates its appeal as a thriving community hub.

The retail space is carefully designed to be in harmony with the existing architectural context, ensuring that the scale is appropriate and enhances the overall aesthetic of the town center.

A significant aspect of the project is the creation of a north-south pedestrian link between Targo and Ramsgate roads. This strategically planned pedestrian connection enhances the overall walkability of the town center, fostering a more pedestrian-friendly environment.