Our projects

Our mission is to create vibrant communities. For nearly 60 years we have designed places and spaces that connect people and celebrate community.

Sector Project

The new Junior School at Ringwood Secondary College replaced a series of existing relocatable buildings with a purpose-built home for the Year 7 & 8 student cohort, to support them in their transition through the middle school years.

Carefully thought-out innovative design that allows for the building to accommodate as many at-risk families as possible, whilst still ensuring today’s standard of living is met and a sense of ‘home’ has been provided to residents.

This new 8 storey, 8,000sqm office building has been designed to reflect the history of the local context, and provide a contemporary aesthetic that captures the culture and dynamic identity of the neighbourhood.

Whittlesea Tech School (WTS) is part of a 10-school initiative by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, which is focused on developing critical science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills in Victorian secondary students.

From the outset, the vision for Polaris was to create a vibrant, walkable urban village that challenged the idea of the typical suburban neighbourhood shopping centre.

Ringwood Secondary College