Retail and Mixed Use

Retail developments don’t just provide local communities with convenient access to the goods and services they need to maintain their day-to-day lifestyles, they can also form the geographic and social hearts of our cities, towns and suburban villages. A retail centre that has a strong sense of place and is easy and attractive for people to inhabit and visit will also make for viable retail sales.

ClarkeHopkinsClarke have key experience creating design solutions for retail and mixed use developments in inner metropolitan settings where it is important to strengthen, compliment and connect with existing infrastructure so that retailers, investors and communities alike share the benefits of new development. We also specialise in greenfield town centre developments and understand the importance of creating places that users will find engaging and easy to access, and where they will enjoy meeting friends, participating in community activities, eating out, shopping and accessing useful services.

Partners Dean Landy, Toby Lauchlan and Jordan Curran, and Associates Teddy Chung, Ngaio Chalmers, Daniel Taranto and Clare Kwok, lead our retail and mixed use projects.