Our sectors

Diversity is our strength. We have dedicated teams across eight different sectors and see ourselves as a collection of specialist practices within a wider practice community. This structure means that for each project we can draw on deeper wells of knowledge and expertise to deliver far richer design outcomes.


We believe that through the design of learning environments tailored to the specific needs of each school we positively shape the lives of learners, their communities and society at large. Our learner centred environments respond to each school’s unique needs, culture and pedagogical approach.

Retail & Mixed Use

We design people focused places for social and commercial impact. We’re constantly researching and exploring, globally and locally, to create future focused projects that meet diverse needs. We design not for ourselves but for the thousands of people who interact with our spaces every day.

Health Care

We create state-of-the-art health facilities that put patients first and support best practice care. We design for current needs and flexibility around care, technology and growth. We listen, collaborate and make the most of budgets. Our focus is the health and wellbeing of all who use our facilities.


We craft connected, livable, environmentally conscious spaces for people to call home. Every residence is thoughtfully designed to maximise light, space, amenity and meaningful community connection. We build collaborative relationships and bring decades of experience to every project.

Seniors Living & Care

We champion better choices, higher quality and stronger community connections for seniors at all stages of life. Expectations are soaring in our sector. Our response is considered design and holistic, intergenerational communities.


Our workplaces embody company culture and enhance creativity, productivity and community. We celebrate local history and context while reflecting our clients’ contemporary approaches to work, identity and success.


We design the connective tissue of healthy communities. Those inclusive spaces beyond home and work we turn to for connection and belonging. Our strategy for creating vibrant communities puts people first and creates responsive outcomes on stand-alone projects and within larger developments.

Interior Design

We create authentic interiors that deliver complex functional requirements as well as aesthetics. Our impact is personal: environments that amplify design ideas and stimulate the senses.

Urban Design

We champion people focused places that create ambitious alternatives for Australia’s cities and regions. They’re affordable, walkable, energy efficient, technologically flexible and socially engaged. Our strategy is to create vibrant communities from day one.

Capability and Experience

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