Bridgewood Primary School

Integrated educational model supporting learning from birth

Location: Bunurong Country, 115 Bridge Rd, Officer VIC
Status: Complete

Bridgewood is a primary school and integrated child and family centre, designed to deliver birth to year 6 child programs and family services under the one roof. The site is resultant of a joint partnership with the Cardinia Shire, with three key stakeholders responsible for delivering services on the site: Department of Education and Training, Cardinia Shire and Colman ‘Our Place’, a philanthropic organisation providing services to support the Bridgewood Community.

This project has exceeded our expectations and continues to enable a multifaceted community hub to be developed to support students, families and the community.
Kerry Coffey

The planning and design of Bridgewood Primary School provides a dynamic learning environment where learning and learners are central, and acknowledges the important role of community, family and the learner in the educational experience. A fully integrated early learning centre (ELC) is collocated with the administration/resources and Prep / Year 1 learning community, blurring the boundaries between pre-school and school and allowing for smooth transitions for learners and their families into the school framework and community.

All indoor and outdoor learning spaces are designed to shape holistic and engaging experiences, supporting diverse modes of learning and promoting a sense of ownership, inclusivity and belonging.

The design was tested, challenged and debated throughout the entire process, from the overall vision down to the smallest joinery details to achieve the best possible result. The planning process has resulted in the development of a design that celebrates and supports the School’s integrated and collaborative teaching and learning pedagogy, and provides a nurturing environment.