We are all about Creating Vibrant Communities, and that means nurturing our internal community too. We want our team to feel fulfilled at work, and have a life outside of it.

Work Hours

We work 9am - 5.30pm. We break for morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch to socialise in the courtyard or communal kitchens. Oh and did we mention that we have three coffee machines?

Social Events

We know social culture at work builds rapport and makes work more enjoyable. That’s why we have a dedicated social club team.

Beer, ping pong, ski weekends... whatever you fancy.

Continued Development

Einstein once said “if you’re not learning, you’re dying” ... We agree.

Learning is a critical component of our practice, and you can’t get A+ AIA membership without it. So we help all staff set up a personalised plan for meaningful learning and career development.

Being Flexible

We understand that from time to time our team members need to put in that little bit extra. So we show flexibility in return. When work and life don’t fit into a perfect schedule we offer flexible working arrangements.

Community Leave

Interested in helping out the community? Us too.

We match any two days of annual leave that a team member takes to volunteer with two additional days of paid leave to double their impact.

Communication is key

We are a large team that feels like a community. We keep everyone connected and in the loop by getting the team together frequently for kitchen catch-ups and presentation nights.

Diversity Breeds Creativity

That’s why our office is a 50/50 split between males and females. And we are an equal opportunity employer, we love having variety in age and ethnicity in our office - just head over to our team section to see how diverse we are.

Mental Health

Something heavy going on in your life? We have a dedicated Employee Assistance Program with a 24 hour support line for our team to use, whenever and wherever.

If you’re interested in working here,

get in touch.