Camperdown Aged Care

Location: Eastern Maar Country, Camperdown, VIC 3260
Status: In Planning

The new Camperdown Aged Care facility will be a state-of-the-art home for 36 residents at the Camperdown Hospital. Underpinned by dementia friendly design, the facility will provide high levels of comfort, independence, and choice to enhance resident’s everyday experience.

The design focuses on providing two distinct realms, a civic and a household realm. The civic realm is communal in nature and provides public spaces and amenities available to the wider community as well as a linkage to a local community hub. The household realm is domestic in nature and groups two-storey resident accommodation into small households - promoting dignity, privacy, person-centred care and independence. The form is influenced by the surrounding residential character, scale and materiality.

Through close collaboration with South West Healthcare, we gained an understanding of the strong functional and operational links between the existing onsite aged care facility, Merindah Lodge and the hospital. This allowed us to address the current needs and challenges through a robust, future-focused design that provides a domestic feel to residents and a safe and efficient workplace for staff.