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Eight smart cities connected by high speed rail


CLARA is Australia’s most ambitious masterplanning project: eight compact smart cities across Victoria and NSW connected to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney by high-speed rail. Liveable, connected and sustainable. Self-sufficient in energy and water use. The first network of cities worldwide designed around people, not private cars, in 100 years. The first CLARA city is proposed near Shepparton in Victoria’s north.


CHC is working with CLARA Consortium building the strategic business case for CLARA’s high-speed rail component and masterplanning the first city in the network. Dubbed CV2 for now, it’s designed as a socially sustainable city of urban neighbourhoods, inter-connected through extensive gardens and waterways. It will ultimately be home to 400,000 residents and employers, world-class healthcare, progressive employment, automated logistics, trackless trams, a lake, and central park, canals, high-tech education, research hubs, a solar farm and urban forests as well as cultural, market and sporting precincts.

Low-, medium- and high-density housing, much with water- or park-frontage, is designed for genuinely affordability and high levels of liveability. Villages, innovation and logistics precincts and the city centre are linked by green corridors and permeated by pocket parks, shared bike paths and community gardens.

“Imagine new cities where data is open, energy’s renewable, water is valued, homes are affordable, healthcare and education are world class and people can live within 10 minutes of all they need. Vibrant regional economies accessible to capitals in less time than a morning commute.”


Australia’s growing cities aren’t the only ones under stress. India, China, Canada, the US and the Middle East are building networks of smart, sustainable, technologically integrated cities that are commercially and environmentally sustainable in order to provide truly liveable places that address the changing needs of our growing populations.

We’re benchmarking CV2 against the world’s best. And taking inspiration from history’s greatest walkable cities. This project takes Australia back to the future with a homegrown smart city offering a viable alternative to urban sprawl and far-flung regional centres.

CLARA’s fresh approach to population growth and regional development gives Australia a world-leading model for walkable urbanism. Putting people and landscape before cars allows us to shape a city built for happier, less isolated, more active residents. It connects people naturally: to each other, the environment, the region, and the surrounding capitals.  


Greater Shepparton VIC


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