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Smart city targeting world’s best liveability in Melbourne’s growing north


We’re collaborating with Australia’s leading developer of Green Star communities to raise the bar for suburban town centres. Cloverton delivers a smart city for 40,000 offering all the best elements of the world’s best cities in one integrated mixed use town that leverages its proximity to existing rail infrastructure.

“Cloverton will become a centre of education north of Melbourne, with childcare, schools and tertiary facilities all proposed for the area. A major retail centre is being planned, while public transport and medical services will provide everything the community needs.” 



What makes towns great – anywhere in the world? An appealing mix of all the things we love: art and culture, jobs and shops, public transport, schools and unis, parks and sport, hotels and bars and cafes, homes and bike paths and beautiful green spaces. All a stone’s throw apart in a place.  Walkable. Sustainable. Liveable.

Cloverton is a compact smart city with big ambitions for Melbourne’s northern growth corridor. It’s one of two principal town centres nominated in Melbourne’s growth strategy. It features fully integrated employment, public transport, arts, cultural and sporting facilities, educational institutions as well as medium-density housing options like shop-top living that are currently rare outside inner cities.

“The best cities in the world evolve with a diverse, interesting and a nuanced mix of uses. They’re not isolated silos with distinctive precincts or uses. That’s what our planning scheme tends to push us towards because it’s neat on a plan.” 

Dean Landy


We’re using decades of expertise in retail, health, education and multi-residential design and working in conjunction with other leading consultants to create a city masterplan resilient enough to accommodate future change. That’s the smart way to build smart cities.

Cloverton has few precedents anywhere in Australia. It’s an ecologically healthy environment that encourages happier, healthier lifestyles, reduces our unsustainable reliance on cars, and embeds all the elements we know from experience create vibrant communities.


Donnybrook Road, Kalkallo VIC


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