Coatesville Primary School

Challenging traditional teacher delivery modes

Location: Bunurong Country, 21 Mackie Rd, East Bentleigh VIC
Status: Complete

Victorian School Design Awards 2017 - Finalist for Best School Project over $5 Million

CEFPI Victorian Chapter Education Facilities Awards 2011 - Commendation for Renovation/Modernisation Under $1M

Coatesville Primary School is an authorised International Baccalaureate World School that promotes an inclusive learner-centric / inquiry-based pedagogy.

These significant facilities have transformed our campus, providing educational environments that empower our learners through a visible inquiry-based learning pedagogy, and reinforcing our identity within the community.
Michael Jones

The building itself is split into two levels with a tiered multi-purpose zone at the heart of the building forming a junction that can be utilised as a combined learning area, a gathering place, and presentation space for larger groups.

Agile design eases the transition between school stages so that the progression between junior, middle, and senior school is harmonious. Learning spaces have been designed to be emotionally empowering for all users, enhancing wellbeing within a social context.

A neutral, comforting colour palette, as well as the use of natural elements, recycled materials and organic fibres throughout the school, provide surroundings conducive to a peaceful and calming learning experience.

Purposeful play zones have been incorporated into the landscape to fuel young imaginations, including a new nature play zone with tactile surfaces that encourages exploration and wonder, catering to diverse age groups, abilities, and developmental phases.