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Cohealth Footscray

New hub for comprehensive community health services

The Cohealth Community Health Centre was envisaged as a patient focused environment accommodating a range of health services and cultural needs.

The centre features a new client welcome model, with the reception area incorporating a child play area, landscaped internal courtyard, and information hub, as well as a greeting station for concierge welcome, self-check-in station to improve efficiencies, and a segmented waiting area to enable further health dialogue between professionals and patients. 

The brief demanded clever planning of the building which focused on maximising the number of clinical consultation spaces as well as biophilic design principles to uplift the healthy nature of the rooms for all occupants. Separate staff write up areas were allocated on each level to enable 100% utilisation of the clinical space for consultation purposes and communal back of house facilities are shared by all users.

Through collaborations with a local artist, an indigenous style artwork which captures the multiculturalism of the Footscray community has been incorporated into the façade design, shaping an active and vibrant street presence for the centre and providing a revitalised new identity for Cohealth within the community. The artwork has also been incorporated internally via some unique wayfinding signage and a large mural on the glazed central light court that brings natural light into each level of the four storey facility.

The new Cohealth Footscray Community Health Centre was a complete redevelopment on an existing site, with part sold to fund a larger health service development. It is a multi-level, integrated health facility incorporating a revitalised Dental Unit, GP clinics, Allied Health services, Mental Health programs, student training and education, and community facilities. It provides integral services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, over 50’s, children and families with support for issues including diabetes, drug and alcohol dependence, family violence and homelessness.


78 Paisley St, Footscray VIC 3011