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Morwell Central Primary School

Designing for inclusivity in a culturally diverse region

The new Morwell Central Primary School was created through the consolidation of three existing schools in the region onto one site. The School was developed to facilitate community connection and provide the culturally diverse Morwell Region with welcoming and inclusive learning environments to support the development of a strong community of learners. 

The demographic characteristics of the Morwell Community, declining enrolments at the existing schools, educational and social challenges in the region, and the likely associated educational and emotional needs of future students were also key project drivers. 

The Morwell Central Primary School project has delivered a new integrated Administration and Learning Communities Building which provides a nurturing environment and shapes a welcoming and exciting experience for current and future students and the wider community. The new Primary School provides a fully immersive experience that accommodates the needs and abilities of all learners. 

Planned as separate Junior and Senior learning wings, intersecting at the central Administration and Resources Hub, the design features agile learning spaces at the children’s scale. The design of the learning communities supports the School’s collaborative teaching and learning pedagogy, providing a diverse range of integrated learning spaces where students choose the mode of learning that best suits them in settings with strong indoor/outdoor links that support purposeful learning.


47 McDonald St, Morwell VIC




Best New Educational Facility - LEA Victorian Chapter Outstanding Learning Environments Awards, 2017

Best Primary School (finalist) - Victorian School Design Awards, 2017