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Victorian New Schools PPP

15 high priority new government schools

ClarkeHopkinsClarke as part of the Learning Communities Victoria (LCV) consortium, were the successful tenderer for Victoria’s New Schools Public Private Partnership Project (PPP). As lead design consultant, the ClarkeHopkinsClarke education team contributed to the planning, design and delivery of 15 high priority new government schools. The schools are located across a number of Victoria’s fastest growing metropolitan and regional communities including Bannockburn, Epping North, Point Cook South, North Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Torquay North, Mernda South, Casey Central East, Pakenham South West, Heather Grove and Cranbourne South West.

The project features a range of school types tailored to the needs of the community, including primary schools, prep to year 9 schools, prep to year 12 schools, a special school integrated primary, and a special development school for children with a high level of intellectual disability. Early learning facilities are also being integrated into the campus at six of the schools involved in the PPP program.

While the design of each school is unique and reflects the needs of the local community, common features throughout all schools include the development of environments that support a range of learning styles, an embedded awareness of environmental sustainability, and internal environments that are well ventilated and rich in natural light. The schools also feature a clear emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, ensuring equitable access for all abilities by designing flexible floor spaces. Learners and learning are the central tenets around which everything revolves.

The schools are designed as community hubs and will encourage community use and additional community facilities and programs through collaboration with consortium partners CERES and YMCA, local councils and other local organisations.





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