Shopping on Clyde

A sophisticated retail centre with a strong connection to local context

Location: Bunurong Country, 280 Berwick Cranbourne Road, Clyde VIC
Status: Complete

Shopping on Clyde was designed to create a premium shopping destination for the local community that celebrates both the history and future growth of the local region.

The dramatic form of the soaring cantilevered entry canopy, pitching out over the Centre Square welcomes visitors with a sense of excitement and shapes a dynamic identity.

The centre’s internal mall area is characterised by a dramatic composition of light and shadow, articulated by a high contrast colour palette, an extensive glazed faceted skylight feature, and a sculptural double bulkhead that form an illusion of floating geometries over the building while ensuring a natural, open-air quality.

Our vision was to create a sophisticated retail centre with a strong connection to the local context. Focus was placed on the visitor experience to provide a welcoming and safe environment for visitors to connect and shop, while supporting the continuing growth of the locality.
Jordan Curran